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DOH sets measles-free PH by 2017

By Pia Bonalos

It may be nine years delayed, but the Department of Health (DOH) sees a measles-free Philippines by 2017.

DOH missed its target of eradicating measles in 2008.

Health Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag says the World Health Organization could declare the Philippines measles free if no more than 100 measles cases are recorded in a year.

A massive vaccination is set for September this year to help attain this target.

Private physicians have offered help in controlling not just measles but other diseases, as well.

Doctors find the measles outbreak unacceptable, as it is preventable by widespread vaccination.

A bill was filed in Congress proposing a Commission on Health Education that allows the private sector to extend help to DOH.

Dr. Tony Leachon, Vice President of the Phil. College of Physicians, said: "It is a concern of every Filipino to help right now, to maxiimize the talent and skill of every Filipino."

Assistant Sec. Tayag says the very mobile transient population in Metro Manila could be a factor in the fast spread of the disease.

Measles is a highly contagious disease that could easily spread, and could be fatal especially to people with weak immune systems.

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