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Metro Manila swamped by flash floods

By Pia Bonalos

Many parts of Metro Manila were at a standstill Thursday following the heavy downpour, as motorists and commuters braved the rains, floods and traffic jam to get home.

Motorists turned on their hazard lights as heavy rains caused poor visibility.

In just a few hours, floodwater along EDSA-Magallanes rose amid heavy rain.

The situation was the same along EDSA-Pasay Rotunda and Roxas Boulevard.

During rush hour, traffic came to a standstill.

Floods stopped traffic in both lanes of España Boulevard.

There was gridlock along Roxas Boulevard and EDSA.

Because of this, thousands of commuters were stranded for hours.

At EDSA Extension in Pasay City, anxious people hoping to get a ride occupied two lanes northbound.

Those who were determined to go home braved the flood and rain.

Several schools also cancelled their afternoon classes.

But, it was a challenge for students to go home amid the flood and heavy traffic.

The weather bureau PAGASA said the public should brace for more sudden downpours this rainy season.

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