About us

Recently, public awareness about healthy lifestyle has been increasing. More and more people are trying to take care of their health. On the site solarnews.ph we help find a world of safe weight loss or care for other needs of conscious people.

On our website, we present non-prescription funds whose operation is confirmed by many people and published with us as confirmation of the effectiveness of the measures recommended by us and users of solarnews.ph

Here are the people who create the website and do everything they can to provide you best quality information:

Maria Hernandez – Dietician

She wants to help that many people as she can, and is always guided only by real and confirmed information, which confirms links and opinion in each article.

Cares about the reliability of published articles and has the rest of the journalists team.

In his free time she like practising yoga, and read books.

James Smith – social media menager

Before starting cooperation with solarnews.ph. he worked as the editor of the section “Healthy Eating and Physical Activity” on the radio.

He manages the social media team and takes care of the development of social channels and the promotion of the website.

Currently, in his free time, he is preparing to start in the marathon.