What are cookies?

Cookies are small files containing numbers or letters, stored in users’ devices when using websites or applications. Cookies are used to ensure friendly use of our Website by memorizing your preferences. For example, if you add a product to a basket in an online store that you visit and you do not complete the purchase process, the next time you visit the same page, the previously selected product will still be in your basket. In this way, cookies are used to remember your preferences. Without using cookies, using our Website would be less user-friendly.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies have different functions, facilitate browsing the Website and store information about your preferences, in order to present you relevant content and contribute to the improvement of our services.

We use cookies in order to:

  • Managing your preferences and improving the functioning of our Website. As part of these activities, we can collect information about when and for how long you visit our websites, information about the history of your browser and language preferences.
  • Developing our security measures and detecting illegal activities (so-called frauds).
  • Analyzing the availability of our Website, methods of its use and performance. We use this information to maintain, service and continuously improve the services we provide.
  • Providing personalized ads. Cookies help us determine the ads that you see and measure their effectiveness.

What kind of cookies and other technologies do we use?

Our Website uses the following categories of cookies and technologies:

  • Persistent cookies – this type of cookies is stored in your device’s browser and used whenever you visit our website. It helps us remember your settings and preferences to make your next visit to our website more convenient. For example, thanks to cookies, you will not be forced to log in again. During the next visit, we will also remember your language preferences.
  • Temporary cookies (session cookies) – temporary cookies remain in the archive cookies in your browser until you leave our website. The information that we receive through the use of this type of cookies help us analyze network traffic, enable identification and resolution of technical problems and enable easier navigation around the Website.
  • Advertising cookies – this type of cookies helps us to provide you with relevant advertising and allows you to study the effectiveness of advertisers’ marketing campaigns by analyzing how you react to the advertising targeted to you. For example, these files help us determine how many times a user clicked on an ad and visited the advertiser’s website.

In addition, we also use web beacons in our Website, which are small graphic elements (also known as “tracking pixels” or “pure GIFs”). They are used together with cookies to identify our users and their behavior.

Our Website may contain links to other websites or applications, including websites or applications of our business partners. Remember that websites of other entities may also use cookies. We have no influence on the websites of third parties and we are not responsible for cookies that you collect or access. By clicking on the link or the application, remember that each of them has its own cookie policy. For this reason, we ask you to read their cookie policies before using other websites or applications.

Do we have third-party cookies or plug-ins on our Website?

Third parties, such as advertising networks and external service providers dealing, for example, with network traffic analysis, may use cookies, web beacons, software development kits (SDKs) or other related technologies to collect information about your visit to the Website. The information is used to provide you with more relevant advertising on our Website or elsewhere on the Internet. We have no control over the use by third parties of cookies that are managed in accordance with the privacy policies / cookies of these third parties.

Below is the list of the submits third parties, which enable us to save cookies or other technologies on your device.

Analytical services providers: In order to better understand how our Website works, we cooperate with various analytical service providers. We enable analytics services providers such as Google and Facebook Analytics to use cookies, SDKs and other related technologies. More information on how Google and Facebook use your data can be found here:

Plug-ins (“plug-ins”) of third parties:

Our Website also uses plug-ins of third parties in the form of buttons Share on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. With this button you can make our Announcements available on third party websites, provided that you are logged in to these sites. Third parties may be able to combine your activity in our Website with the account you have in their portals. Therefore, we ask that you carefully read the privacy policies of third parties before clicking the Share button.

What can you do to delete, disable or block cookies?

Your web browser usually provides you with information on how you can reject, delete or block cookies.

You can opt out of third-party cookies used in Google Analytics by changing your ad settings or by using the tool provided here: link.

In addition, you can change the settings of your mobile device to control whether you will see ads tailored to your interests.

Remember, if you decide to block cookies used on our Website, you may not have access to all or some of the services we provide, e.g. you will not be able to save individual settings, such as login details.